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Nettvest Capital Inc. is an investment firm that has been investing its own capital and providing investment management and consulting services to U.S. and international high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutions since 1997.

Nettvest’s key differentiating factors are global thinking, intellectual capital, independence, and a culture of quality and responsibility. Nettvest’s highly qualified professionals operate at top institutional standards, yet without the usual institutional detachment from clients and client interests. Its key differentiating factors give Nettvest the capability to combine macro-level strategic thinking with a detail-oriented, thorough, hands-on approach and maximized alignment of interest with investors.

Nettvest’s Chief Investment Officer is M. Kemal Solakoglu. M. Kemal Solakoglu holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration. Before founding Nettvest, from 1993 to 1996, M. Kemal Solakoglu was a Managing Director at Deks Management Corporation, a New York investment firm, and from 1990 to 1993, Vice President in charge of Strategic Planning and Special Projects at Interbank A.S. M. Kemal Solakoglu is a member of the high IQ society, American Mensa.

Investment Strategies

Nettvest Independent Portfolio Consulting (IPC)

Nettvest Independent Portfolio Consulting (IPC) is a non-discretionary investment consulting service applying family-office principles with the objective of enabling clients to achieve long-term capital appreciation while maintaining strong emphasis on capital preservation. Our investment philosophy is modeled on the approach of the most highly respected and sophisticated university endowments, foundations and family-offices in the world.

Our primary aim is to enable clients to achieve the best possible long-term returns for their risk profile. For the majority of our clients with a relatively moderate risk profile, the objective predominantly is to: (1) achieve equity-level returns in the long-term; (2) experience substantially less return volatility than world equity markets; (3) maintain low correlation to world equity markets.

With IPC, Nettvest undertakes macro-level research and analysis to develop investment strategies and asset allocation recommendations and assists its clients in constructing portfolios of global equity, fixed income, absolute return, and real assets that fit their risk and return objectives. Portfolio strategies are designed to be less dependent on market direction than conventional equity or bond oriented strategies. The recommended portfolios are not intended to outperform stocks and bonds during strong market rallies, but, for clients with moderate risk profiles, are intended to outperform them on a risk-adjusted basis in the long term (generally 5-10 years). Nettvest’s recommendations generally entail a hybrid approach whereby the client is advised to invest a portion of the portfolio directly into equities, low-cost ETFs, and other financial instruments while a portion of the portfolio is customarily designed to be invested in top-performing investment funds. In the selection of investment funds, we recommend our clients to be more concentrated in the less competitive and less efficient sectors of the investment world and where talented asset managers have the capability to generate exceptional risk-adjusted returns for their investors. The result is a robust portfolio that is spread across a broad array of strategies and is less exposed to the ups and downs of the global equity markets.

Investment risks are sought to be contained at six levels: (1) via assessment of the risks inherent in the macro-environment; (2) via allocation of investments among a diversified range of asset categories with efficient return/risk characteristics and low historical correlation with one another; (3) via the risk diversification inherent in investing part of the portfolio in multiple funds managed by multiple managers with differing styles; (4) via selection of investments and funds with favorable risk management histories and prospects; (5) via employing hedge overlays to reduce risk of overall portfolio as necessary; (6) via assessment of the investor’s counterparty risks.

Nettvest Special Focused Investment – Istanbul Stock Exchange (SFI-ISE)

Offered as a complement to Nettvest’s family-office portfolio consulting service, IPC, Nettvest Special Focused Investment – Istanbul Stock Exchange (SFI-ISE) is an investment consulting service designed with the objective of enabling clients to achieve long-term capital growth outperformance relative to the major indices of the Istanbul Stock Exchange (Borsa Istanbul) in Turkish Lira denominated long-only equity portfolios. With SFI-ISE, Nettvest assists the investor in constructing a long-only portfolio of stocks listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (Borsa Istanbul). Macro-level analysis, synthesis of research received from local banks and securities firms, a catalyst/event driven fundamental value approach and an acute understanding and know-how of the local environment form the basis of Nettvest’s recommendations. As long-only strategies are highly affected by general market movements and the strategy entails concentrated portfolios composed of 10-15 stocks, investors following the strategy will be exposed to short-term volatility and potential risk and need to invest for the long-term. For investors seeking market-neutral exposure that is largely independent of market direction, a hedged version of the strategy can also be implemented.

Nettvest’s consulting services associated with the two investment strategies are non-discretionary. Consulting clients maintain complete control over their accounts at the financial institutions of their choice and exercise full discretion over all investment decisions and their execution.

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Money Manager Inquiries

Nettvest is always interested in reviewing investment ideas from around the world. Please send your information to: managers@nettvestcap.com

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